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Digitalmars-d-learn wrote:
> On 08/12/2018 6:41 AM, Ron Tarrant wrote:
> > Does D have the concept of makefiles? I haven't run across any
> > reference to such things so far.
> Make isn't a D specification application (it doesn't really specialize
> in any language) dmd, druntime and Phobos are all built using it.
> Though for user code, dub is the package+build manager that is more
> commonly used.

You can surely use Makefiles to compile your D code.  DMD, druntime, and
Phobos use Makefiles. :-D

Though due to limitations with makefiles, I prefer to use SCons. I'd use
dub as a package manager, but I find its limitations as a build manager
too frustrating and a total deal-breaker for the kind of builds I need
to do, so I generally avoid using it as such.


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