On Sunday, 9 December 2018 at 03:29:27 UTC, Andrew Pennebaker wrote:

Er, when I try to use either foo.stringof, or __trait(identifier, foo), I always get that binding name, rather than the original function name, sad panda.

I can only print out the current variable name, but I want to print the name of the function declaration, no matter how deeply I pass that first function pointer into different calls :/

You're confusing function pointer with the function symbol. This will not give you the function name:

import std.stdio;

void wrap(F)(F f) { writeln(__traits(identifier, f)); }
int foo() { return 0; }
void main() { wrap(&foo); }

But this will:

import std.stdio;

auto wrap(alias f, Args...)(auto ref Args args) {
    import std.functional : forward;
    writeln("Calling ", __traits(identifier, f));
    return f(forward!args);

int foo() { return 42; }
size_t bar(string x) { return x.length; }

void main() {
    assert(wrap!foo == 42);
    assert(wrap!bar("hello") == 5);

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