On Monday, 21 January 2019 at 18:39:27 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
Not a Python user, just hoping to help answer questions :)

Yes I know in fact I'm not the OP but from what I understood from his post, he want to replicate, but I may be wrong.

If it's the case, this code may help him:

//DMD64 D Compiler 2.072.2
import std.stdio;
import std.math;

int mod(int i,int j){
    if(abs(j)==abs(i)||!j||!i||abs(j)==1){return 0;};
    auto m = (i%j);
    return (!m||sgn(i)==sgn(j))?(m):(m+j);

void main(){
    int j,i;
          writeln(-i, " % ", +j, " = ", (-i).mod(+j));
          writeln(+i, " % ", -j, " = ", (+i).mod(-j));

At least the code above gave me the same results as the Python version.


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