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This is the "implicit construction" I sometimes talk about.... and D doesn't support it, by design (alas).

Sorry if this has been asked again, I didn't find anything.
Do we know the reason why it is not supported?

There's two options you can do:

1) offer an overload to your function that does the conversion:

void test(Buf!int arr) { /* impl here */ }
void test(int[] arr) { test(Buf!int(arr)); } // just forward to the other


2) Offer a helper construction function you can call, like:

Buf!int toBuf(int[] a) { return Buf!int(a); }

and then you can call the  function like

test([1, 2, 3].toBuf); // calling your function at the end

Yes, I had done the 2), which means for 50 functions, I have another 50 functions. Because of the constructor these are one-liners but still, it's kind of ugly.

I didn't know about the 3) thanks! I think it's not a very good solution for this
kind of problems but cool otherwise.

- Stefanos

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