Hello, users of this programming language! I have a question. I use in my application Derelict SDL 2 version 2.1.4.
And when I try to specify the path to the image:

void load (const (char *) path)
    SDL_Surface ab = SDL_LoadBMP (path);
    a = SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface (ab);
    SDL_FreeSurface (ab);

An error occurs:
"function derelict.sdl2.functions.SDL_LoadBMP (const (char) * file) is not callable using argument types (string)". Well, okay, I use in arguments: const (char *) path. Annoyed, the program still writes this error. Please help with this problem. P.S. If you see errors in spelling and stuff, then note: I am a Russian user.
  P.P.S. I am not familiar with this programming language.

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