Hi to everybody
I am doing some experiments about random numbers.
I need "extreme speed" for the generation for numbers from 1 to 8.

Generating 500_000_000 numbers with this code:

import std.stdio, std.array, std.random;
void main()
    byte c;
    for(int k=1;k<=500_000_000;k++)
        c=uniform!ubyte() % 8 +1;  //<<< ======= RANDOM

I get these results:

c=uniform!ubyte() % 8 +1;  ======>>> Execution time: 15.563 s
c=cast(byte)uniform(1, 9); ======>>> Execution time: 24.218 s

Do you know other faster functions or methods to generate random numbers?

For me the "goodness of random" is NOT important.

Thank you very much
GIovanni Di Maria

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