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I am wondering as to what is the starting point of being a pro programmer. If I want to be a pro programmer what language must I start with?

Any general purpose language will do. Basically everything can be expressed in any language, through some tasks are very cumbersome in tasks they are not designed for.

Most pro programmer I have heard of are all C and C++ Guru. Most of the best guys on this D forum falls into that category.

C and C++ have steep learning curves, and tend to be better for professionals than amateurs. That does not mean C/C++ usage is what defines a pro. Even php, famous for being simple to learn but often hated by professionals, can be used professionally.

I really want to know programming to the core not just tied to a language or just at the level of drag and drop or use a framework or library.

Don't worry, learn to apply one language in practice and you'll usually figure out automatically how to apply any language you will learn. Well, sometimes when you transition to a new language you should learn new ways to do thing, because the new language is better suited for those than your old language.

Famous example is that C programmers that transitioned to C++ or Java in the 90's were encouraged to start to thinking in object oriented manner. They did not strictly have to, as C++ and Java can be used for same programming stye as C, and C can do sort-of object-oriented programming, but object-oriented designs were (and are) so much easier to implement in the newer languages that in practice, object design should be used a lot more now than in the 70's.

I will appreciate your help in this matter. I am ready to put in hard work. I ready know a little of java, actionscrip 3.0, kotlin, D but at the surface level but can use them to write app.

But I am concern with matter like how can I write a GUI toolkit from the ground up.

Basically, GUI libraries call the operating system API that is different for different operating systems.

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