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Please share your thoughts and tell me what other intrinsic functions could/should be added.

I think the name should be different from "intrinsics", so that it can also contain functions like "likely-functionptr" / "likely-class" optimization functions (e.g. the is_likely template from the other thread).


What name would you suggest then ?
how about "fuzzylogic"?

It has nothing todo with fuzzy logic.
AFAIK fuzzy-logic deals with optimizing boolean logic in order to by represented by smaller transistor networks.

core.optimize suggests that there is some functionality that optimises things for you which is not the case.

The only thing this should provide are compiler-specific low-level tools to affect code-gen.
in as protable a manner as possible.

I am especially intrested in being able to provide hints for code-layout. That does not only affect basic block-placement but also the which functions will be placed next to each other if possble.

If anyone has good suggestions as to how such facilites may be named I am all ears.

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