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On Friday, 2 February 2018 at 15:06:35 UTC, Benny wrote:
You want to produce PDFs? fpdf 2015-Apr-06, a very limited PDF generation tool last updated 3 years go.

While not as trivial as just using a dub package, D easy interop with C means you can use C libraries for PDF like libharu or w/e.

* Are you targeting C developers?

Sure BetterC is a way towards that but again, what do you offer more then Rust?

Overloading, templates, compile time features are arguably "more than Rust".

I see C developers more going for Rust then D on this point.

Maybe, Rust is a decent language, and it appears to be getting better faster than D is. I recall the announcement of an experimental precise GC for D in 2013 or so, and Andrei at the time made it clear that a precise GC would be worth it even at some cost in performance. I don't think D will ever get a precise GC. Maybe the Rust and "Modern C++" guys are right and it's not worth it in a systems programming language?

Personally I agree that BetterC isn't a good alternative for C programmers. Sure, you get some benefits of D, but you will lose many benefits of C

Which benefits of C are lost?

and you'll have to constantly fight "wait, can I use this in BetterC or not" kind of thing.

Fair point, but that's a quality of implementation thing. I can imagine that in 6 months betterC is better supported on all platforms, and better documented.

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