How difficult would it be for D at this point to move towards a pay for what you use system that out of the box is betterC and requires the garbage collector to be explicitly imported?

It feels like D has not overcome at least two major issues in the public mind, the built-in GC and, more ludicrously, the D1 library split. Would there not be significant value in making this a D3 transition? As non-breaking as possible but moving the run time elements into libraries and potentially taking the opportunity to invert the defaults for things like safe and pure.

The story of this D3 transition to the public would then address the 'issues' head on, creating an easily conveyable story that these have been resolved. This appears to be the level on which a lot of language adoption works, at least between hearing about and trying a language. At the moment it's painful to see the endless criticisms of the GC and library split crop up whenever D is discussed. D is progressing technically but needs a 'story'.

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