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> On Friday, 9 February 2018 at 13:10:16 UTC, rumbu wrote:
> > And not a language feature but I hate dub. Just saying.
> Why do people hate dub? I think it's a great package manager and
> build tool

I don't know what all of the reasons are, but as a build tool, it needs
work. It works well for the common case, but as soon as you need to do
anything fancier than simply building every module in your project, it
starts getting really hard to do with dub if it's possible at all. It really
isn't very flexible. The other issue that gets complained about a lot is how
slow it is, which if I understand correctly is primarily due to how much
network traffic it has in order to check the status of repos, but
regardless, it's generally far slower than simply using dmd or rdmd
directly. I don't think that any of dub's problems are fatal, but I also
don't think that dub gets a lot of attention, particularly since the guy
behind it is the same guy who's behined vibe.d, and there's only so much of
him to go around. It could really use more people taking the time to improve
it - but that's true of far too much around here. Fortunately, in spite of
that, dub has improved over time, but not quickly.

- Jonathan M Davis

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