On Monday, 12 February 2018 at 23:54:29 UTC, Arun Chandrasekaran wrote:
Do you think it will help in reminding people not to post any negative things?


Everyone knows the current state of D and this can be improved with more volunteers. Even a small topic like some xyz library is not up to the mark is being dragged towards argument and negativity about D instead of realizing that the issue needs to be reported to the respective library author.

It is a human right..to complain ;-)

You want to take away our human rights?? It won't happen ;-)

...doing so on the forum is no big deal as far as I am concerned ... and if the complaint is important enough, the right people tend to here sooner or later. If not, their work gets discredited or people improve upon it.

and btw. Complaints aren't always legitimate complaints. People mostly see what they wan't to see.

We need great minds from across various industries and experiences to strengthen ourselves. So please promote D with what it can offer at the moment instead of spreading negative sentiment of how it can do certain things with some missing crazy syntax sugar, etc. We know such things are being/can be worked upon.

D is a wonderful programming language and let's share awesome things we do with it.

I think *very* differently, that is, I believe people should *NOT* be limited to expressing only the nice fluffy stuff we all like to hear.

You need to handle that negativity also, and not stop others from expressing it.

Negative emotions are as legitimate as positive emotions, and it a human right to express both.

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