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Well, it's also the world's most inconsistant and statndards-disregarding.
We're talking 1990's MS-level behavior here. It's *always* causing trouble
for something or another.

And the great thing about NNTP is that the user gets to choose the client.
Not the server. If you don't like the way your client behaves, use another

Except in this case it's you that doesn't like the way my mail client

Because your mail client is BROKEN.

I don't want to install software, I'll continue using Gmail, undoubtedly
the world's most popular mail client...

Then petition *Google* to fix their shitty fucking software. You've already been told it has fuck all to do with NNTP.

Seriously, why the fuck would ANYONE think that by relying on Google software they're somehow NOT being dragged along by the ear on Google's every whim and misstep. Christ, we've already been through all this SAME EXACT shit in the 90's with Microsoft, let's try actually *learning* from it and move on.

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