I was wondering,

perhaps this forum could use additional section under Ecosystem, something like "Projects"? Look at old dsource projects section: http://dsource.org/projects/ and the forums http://dsource.org/forums/ . All of that is dead now, as is dsource, but it looks so exciting. So many projects! Game engines, scripting languages based on D, web libraries!

Right now, there is no place to share projects being work in progress. Even if they never go anywhere, it could generate some nice activity. General is more for language related issues. Announce works pretty much only for finished projects. Anything under ecosystem doesn't work because it's for specific types of projects - compilers, IDEs and GUIs.

Look at dub repository, sort by date added. There are many projects being worked on in the D community, but they don't have any visibility while they are in progress. Most of them are hidden somewhere on github, maybe in some Reddit comment.

I hate to use the R-word, but Rust is one of those languages that has a lot of visibility and activity based around amateur fun projects. Many never get finished, but people work on stuff - console emulators, for fun operating systems. People do the same for D, but you never even learn about them, because they don't have a place to share their work.

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