On Thursday, 22 February 2018 at 14:29:23 UTC, Ali wrote:

this account, seem to be going around programming forums asking the same question


not sure what this mean, but .. not a good sign

A company that 'supposedly' provides training on AWS Big Data, and then posts an obscure question as to whether D is useful for big data developers?

That should raises the first alarm.

Then, they include in their post, a link to some unrecognised site.

That should raises the second alarm. (good chance people will go to that link too - and who knows what it will try to do)

Then, just to double check, you go to their facebook site, and there you will see the typical 'suspcious pictures' of people that are 'recommending' them. Those types of pictures and comments are always dodgy. So that should have raised the third alarm (as if it was needed at this point).

At least 'D' and 'big data' and now correlated in search engines ;-)

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