H. S. Teoh wrote:

The problem is not the Phobos implementation.  The problem is that the
compiler's way of handling templates and CTFE needs to be improved.  We
seriously need to muster some manpower to help Stefan finish newCTFE,
and then we need to take a serious look at improving the current
implementation of templates.

yeah, i'm not saying that phobos code is wrong. but being "not wrong" and being fast is not always the same. ;-)

still, we can be either smart, or have fast compile times, but not
both. T_T

I'll like to disagree. :-D  There's got to be a way to do this that
doesn't have to compromise either way.  I mean, this is not like we're
doing rocket science here, or solving an NP complete problem.  It's a
straightforward way of recognizing a particular code pattern and
applying 1-to-1 mappings.  The general case of completely arbitrary
templates can still fallback to the current implementation.  The point
is to optimize for specific template usage patterns that are common and
yields big speedups, but still leave the door open for weirder, but less
common, template code.

but until that brave new world materializes, we have a smart/fast dilemma. alas.

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