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On 2/23/18 3:15 PM, H. S. Teoh wrote:

tl;dr: A trivial piece of code, written as ostensibly "idiomatic D" with. Makes me cringe every time I hear "fast code, fast". Our old slogan is a much more accurate description of
the current state of things.)

cc Dmitry

Thanks for a solid bug report. The right response here is to live into our "fast code, fast" principle. It might be the case that the slowdown is actually the negative side of an acceleration :o) - before Dmitry's recent work, the sheer act of importing std.regex would be slow. Dmitry, do you think you could use some precompiled tables to mitigate this?

First things first sombody need to profile compiler while compiling this snippet.

My guesswork is that instantiating templates + generating long symbols is the problem.

The template system obviously needs some (re)work, I think at a time nobody thought templates would be that abundant in D code.

Nowdays it’s easily more templates then normal functions.

Is your caching compiler going to help the matter?

In some distant bright future where it may be finally applied to instantiating templates and caching codegen but even then I’m not 100% positive.

Finally, I repeat - we have not yet identified problem. What takes time in the compiler needs to be figured out by disecting the time taken via profiler and experimentation.

Dmitry Olshansky

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