On 3/2/2018 10:07 AM, carblue wrote:
I generally already used -dip1000 since DConf2017 and it served me well, until about 2 month ago, "by accident" code was committed to std.uni that broke my builds, see issue #17961. I invested a lot of time to fix this by PR 6041. The current state is: I don't know any reason why it doesn't get (can be?) merged and now it languishes on page 2 of 3 of PRs and Walter started a new PR 6212 recently after my PR is ready for weeks. In total 4 of my -dip1000 related PRs are stuck and mostly for unknown or arguable reasons.

For reference, I submitted:


which I remarked was puzzlingly different from your PR:


I would appreciate your advice on that as well.

I was unaware of your PR. Sometimes, it's worth while to make some noise if you're feeling overlooked. Both Andrei and I are way overloaded, and I generally defer to Andrei to watch the Phobos PRs.

For reference, here are your open PRs:


You've had 4 others that were pulled in the last month; you haven't been totally ignored:


I do appreciate the work you're doing to get -dip1000 working with Phobos. It's important!

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