I'm sure this question has been asked a few times before
But I'm currently looking at something that will convert Cpp code to D

I've recently setup a proof of concept demo which uses mbed for an embedded LPC1769 Arm board This is just a test, but I've recently managed to get debugging working across both C and D files at the same time. This means single stepping code on a remotely attached Arm board in VSCode, while being able to inspect registers with an svd file

There's a couple of outstanding things at the moment though

The first is the use of BetterC, although from what I can tell DMD now has support for a minimal runtime feature as part of 2.079.0
so hopefully when this makes it's way into LDC I can then make use of it for an Arm MCU for creating class's without the full runtime.

These were also mentioned in a separate thread.
  * https://bitbucket.org/timosi/minlibd
  * https://github.com/JinShil/stm32f42_discovery_demo
  * https://github.com/kubo39/stm32f407discovery

The second is that mbed uses C++ class's for it's API
most of this is just headers such as DigitalOut.h
So ideally I've been looking for something that can translate those headers into Dlang so they can be used there instead.

* The first two utils I've found were DStep and htod, however they seem to only hand C

  * I discovered some examples of libraries over here

  * There's CPP2D but the last update was around 2016

* Calypso seems to be a Fork of LDC, but I think it might be a while before 2.079.0 makes it in.

One possibility I might look into is a D backend for CppSharp if I can figure it out, since I'm familiar with C#.
  * https://github.com/mono/CppSharp

I was wondering if there are any other ways that are known about for translating C++ into D, or accessing C++ libraries.

Many Thanks

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