On Monday, 12 March 2018 at 13:14:08 UTC, Seb wrote:
Out of interest: Why would you compile the compiler from the release sources?

Why are there releases at all?

Because the release is (in theory) tested and working and installed and I want to do a minor tweak to it, not go all-in to the strange land of in-development dmd which may be broken in unknown ways (I've had *terrible* experiences with it before, though I hear you guys have improved it lately).

After all, it's the binary release bundle and not the development build.

It used to work to just `cd dmd2/src/dmd && make -f posix.mak`. Most the files are still there, implying it is supposed to still work, but it fails because of trivial things like VERSION being in the wrong directory (the file IS actually there, just not where -J looks for it), and the ddoc file not being included (it is apparently in a directory not bundled).

This is arguably a regression. And it leaves me with little confidence that you actually fixed the historically-much-MUCH-more-difficult git build when the zip build that historically have just worked is now broken....

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