On 3/12/18 9:59 AM, Simen Kjærås wrote:

Is this an interesting concept? Are there other use cases I haven't covered? Can this be done with existing language features? Are there problems I haven't foreseen?

Very interesting idea.

So if I could rephrase to make sure I understand: An rvalue type is one that you can never assign to a variable. As soon as you try to "store" it somewhere, it becomes a new type that is returned by its "get" function.

In this case, once it gets passed into any function that is *not* a member function, it decays to the designated type?

I think this would solve the issue, and help with the property debate, but it would have to trim out all the intermediary stuff. I wonder instead of types which you don't want to exist anyway, you could find a better way to formulate this.


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