On Wednesday, 14 March 2018 at 05:40:42 UTC, Manu wrote:
I'd like to understand why implement a distinct vector type, rather
than just a Nx1/1xN matrix?

This is just and API quesiton of how elements of Nx1/1xN matrix should be accessed.
E.g. should one specify one or two arguments to access an element

That kinds sounds like a hassle to me... although there is already precedent for it, in that a scalar is distinct from a 1x1 matrix (or a
1-length vector).

Yes, I have the same thoughts. The very high level of API abstraction may looks no good for end users.

I want to talk to you about how we interact with colours better... since in that world, a matrix can't just be a grid of independent storage cells. That will throw some spanners into the works, and I'd like to think that designs will support a classy way of expressing images as matrices of pixel data.

Just have replied to your letter.


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