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Through allocators solely or will the GC adapt in some way?

Here is the relevant line from the vision document
"@nogc: Use of D without a garbage collector, most likely by using reference counting and related methods Unique/Weak references) for reclamation of resources. This task is made challenging by the safety requirement. We believe we have an attack in the upcoming allocators/collections combos."

And the link to the vision document https://wiki.dlang.org/Vision/2018H1

In general, I do recommend you read the document carefully, and it important to note that is in it, and what is not in it

Obviously, there is no mention on working on the GC
There is also no direct mention of changing Phobos or modifying Phobos

Also it might be important to read the vision document in order
priority number 1 is "1. Lock down the language definition"
this very much align with many comments I've seen here from Andrei or Walter that they are more interested in seeing the existing features used, rather than adding new features

The vision document doesn't seem to introduce any new feature, mostly improvements to existing features, or making existing feature more usable

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