Thanks I will have a look asap but our servers will be down tomorrow until 3:30pm.
The local power supply authority is changing power cables tommorow and our UPS's only last 45 minutes. So we will shut down at 8:30am and back up at 3:30pm.
I shall try after that!!
Thanks for the CVS will try and get that tonight!!

As for multiple daemons, you imply that they spawn at the time
of incoming messages. If that is the case, then they will probably be too slow.
For a comparison, Apache spawns n daemons that wait for incoming messages
and when they are used and die, a new process is spawned/restarted immediately
and these daemons simply wait for their next message. In other words the spawning/slow process start has already been done. The number of daemons is specified in the httpd.conf file and the n daemons are spawned at startup.
In the case of authoxy, if you suddenly receive say 8 port 80/8080 requests
then all of a sudden the poor Unix system has to rapidly create 8 new daemons
with resources and attach the sockets etc... Would take ages and some requests would probably timeout. Live Apache daemons on the other hand have a cycle time of say 1/100
of a sec and if say 16 daemons are running at any one time they can handle say
1600 hits per second which is more like it. The hard work has already been done.

This was why ages ago I asked if we could have an indicator of how many
daemons were active etc in say the menu bar or somewhere else. Its really
a fascinating process and will allow control of how the authoxy server
will operate.

Another one is the name server cacheing daemon although I've never really
got into that one.


PS Now to sort out CVS which I have never really got into I have to admit... Opps sorry

>Hi Bruce,
>On 09/06/2004, at 11:20 AM, bruce wrote:
>> Hope this helps perhaps..
>Yeah, it does. There are some good points in there - thanks very much!

>FYI, Authoxy is designed to spawn as many deamons as needed to handle

>the incoming requests. I haven't seen any evidence of them clashing
>until now. In fact, they are designed to play nicely with each other.

>Nonetheless, your points about daemons not dying right away may indeed

>be relevant.
>> PS Love to see your source code - promise not to distribute!!
>Distribute all you want, it's open! I took a big step early in May and

>GPL'ed the code. Please go take a look:
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