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> Hi Randall,
> On 24/06/2004, at 11:52 AM, Randall Perry wrote:
>> StartAuthoxy is starting ok at boot time, but connections are refused
>> on
>> internet apps.
> I'm seeing the same thing actually, but was unsure how specific it was.
> I first became aware via another client on the same network as myself,
> and then noticed later that I had the same problem. Very handy to know
> others are experiencing the same.
>> If I open System Prefs and stop and start Authoxy, it'll work fine
>> till the
>> next reboot.
> Yeah, the problem is not Authoxy starting as such, as far as I can tell.
>> Anyone know what the problem is?
> Firstly, are you using the pac file option? I *think* that maybe the
> connection. I looked very briefly at the problem, and couldn't figure
> out the logic, but here's what I know:
Actually, I'm not. 
> With the pac option selected, the first job when Authoxy starts up is
> to download and compile the pac file, ready for the first connection.
> Then, as when the pac option is not selected, Authoxy prepares itself
> and opens local network sockets. Now, the startAuthoxy application
> really has a very soft confirmation algorithm for the successful
> initiation of Authoxy - it essentially reports success if Authoxy is
> successfully invoked, and does not consider whether for example, the
> pac file was successfully downloaded.
> For some reason, and here's the clincher, Authoxy appears to fail to
> download the pac file when it is invoked during the login proceedure
> (such as having startAuthoxy as a login item), but will succeed
> everytime after that. That is, something is wrong with the network
> communication during login. And that's where I fail you, dear users - I
> have not discovered why the simple download of the pac file (which uses
> the cURL library, in case anyone is interested) fails during login, but
> not at anytime afterwards.
> I offer my eternal awe and gratitude if someone were to figure this out
> ;-) I will look in to it, but it wont be for a little while. University
> exam period unfortunately demands my immediate attention.
> Heath
Maybe as a kludge I'll disable StartAuthoxy and setup a cron job running
every 5 minutes that checks if authoxy is running, and if not, starts it.

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