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There is a new option to "allow other computers to connect to Authoxy on this computer"

Should I assume that in the other computers options I put my server name and pport 8080 (that is what I am configured for) as the proxy setting?

That's it. The port setting for other computers has to be the same as Authoxy's "local port" setting. Then, as long as you've got TCP connection on that port, traffic will be routed through Authoxy.

If you have problems, test basic connectivity to the machine with Telnet or netcat on the port in question.

Also, can I get the authoxy daemon to start on server startup (I am running this on OSX server) without a user logging in?

Yes... but it's not built in (yet). Check the archives of this list, or just quickly: start Authoxy and grab the process invocation string for "authoxyd" from the "ps -auxww" command at the Terminal (it will start with the path to authoxyd and be followed by all the necessary options). Then use that invocation string as the command for a method of process creation at startup. I'm not sure about Server off the top of my head, but in regular OS X, the usual way is to create a StartupItem. Easiest method here is just to duplicate and existing one and edit all the bits to point to authoxyd instead of the original.

We have a few programs that install/authenticate gets messed up with our authenticate proxy. I want to run this on one of my OSX servers so that I can have my technicians point to it quickly, do the install and authentication, then change the machine proxy back for normal operation.

Hmm, interesting.

Am I missing something?

I don't think so - sounds like have the right idea. Let me know how you go.

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