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Hi devlopers

I have a device that is Blowing my fmadm errorlog to 8 Gigabyte. All
with error messages about unknown telemetry.
It will probably continue growing until the Harddisk is full. If i try
to fmadm rotate errlog it refuses stating that the log is to busy to
rotate. That is not a nice behaviour per default. Can I shut that off in
some way? Or does somebody need to add the device as a module? If so
what would you need to add the device? My server is a
HP-Proliant-MicroServer Generation 10 so i gues some other people will
benefit aswell if that server chassis is supported.

Attached is the output of fmadm faulty if that helps.

Thank you for any help or feedback

The device is an AHCI SATA controller,

If there's a disk controller in the BIOS which you're not using, try disabling it. Or if there's one which is disabled, try enabling it (could be because disabling it doesn't make it go completely away but stops it working).

It's likely the driver needs updating to cope with some behaviour in your case which it isn't handling, but if you're lucky, twiddling some knobs in the BIOS might be a workaround.

Andrew Gabriel

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