Hi everyone,

We have a bit of an internal debate going on about the importance of
page titles - from a visual standpoint - as compared with other
elements of a page. That is to say, should a page title (what
displays *on* the page, not in the browser frame) be the most
important item of information on the page that a user first sees upon
arriving there?

Or, should the key marketing message - in our case, a 'banner'
image/graphic - take priority over a page title?

The argument for a page title being more important is that its raison
d'etre is to help the user understand where they've arrived at.

The argument for the 'banner' message being more important is that
it is the 'meat' that we want users to see and interact with. In
this case, it's not being suggested to remove page titles; instead,
to make them considerably smaller so that the focus is on the banner
space (which is top/center and large). 

Thoughts? Opinions? I'd love your input!

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