I think you can, and should, have both.  The page title can be obvious and
clear to the user, while there can also be a clear call to action (your
marketing splash).  Your title is not only the description of the page's
content, it's part of the navigational scent of the site, and as such is
can't be left out.  This in no way stops you from having a clear "center" to
the page's content.  In fact, having a primary focus to your content is
better than scattering the focus.

If marketing wants to leave the title off completely, that's a problem not
only in usability but in SEO. There's a reason the H1 tags are important to
search engines - they're important to users!  And as search engines overcome
the Heisenbergian issue of depth of analysis vs breadth of pages, things
like semantically sound page construction will become even more important.


P.S. As an aside, I would recommend trying to eliminate either-or questions
in design.  Frequently there are many choices, not just two, and in the few
cases where their truly are only two options, the attempt to find more will
be the exception that proves the rule. :-)  The tyranny of dichotomy limits
much more than it resolves.

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