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+1 on no "advertising" or "announcements" on this list. I agree that it may sound churlish to stop good organizations from sending good information to good people; I also agree that allowing it would diminish the usefulness of this list. If the web page of offerings is not enough, then maybe set up a separate list for that kind of thing.

+1 on Arnulf's analysis of freely provided course materials. MIT started the Open Course Ware (OCW) movement a few years ago[1] and it certainly has not cut back on MIT's ability to attract "customers", i.e. students. In fact, it has spawned a mini-industry of other universities putting their materials online[2].


I'd note I advised OTG to drop a message about their offering to the
discuss list, so they were acting in what they believed to be good faith.

I still think it is appropriate for folks to briefly introduce new
open source related training offerings here, but I shall avoid suggesting
this in the future since there are clearly different opinions.

The SPD does not give much granularity for describing things like training
courses.  Perhaps at some point we can have a wiki page pointing off to
various training options available for OSGeo related technologies.

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