So looking around there a few things that could use some work on the
wiki and are easy enough for any community member to help with.

1. We have 327 Orphaned Pages, these are pages that exist but that no
other page links to. Which means no one is likely to ever find them or
their useful content.

2. We have 455 Wanted Pages, these are pages that someone has put a link
in the text for but that don't link to an existing page. In some cases
it's due to spelling, in other's it's because no one's made a page on
that topic, and for some of those it's unlikely that anyone ever will
since it's not really relevant. Quite a few should probably external
link to project homepages.

Cleaning up these to aspects will yield a more usable and navigable
wiki. Please if you have 5 minutes cleanup a couple of links.

If we all do a few we should be able to clean up rather quickly.

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