Paolo Cavallini wrote:
Hi all.
Concerning ticket
I think the discussion should be brought to the attention of the list. For my 
experience, I do not
think server administration is well suited for volunteer work. To me, server 
administration is a
service, more or less like accounting or printing brochures.
Moreover, I do not think precious developer time (the main limiting resource 
for open source
software IMHO) is profitably spent administering servers (but thanks to all who 
are doing it!).
In short, I'm suggesting to hire a part time server admin, who should be in 
charge of software
upgrades (e.g. the trac) etc.


Within some limits, I feel that system administration can be well suited to

I don't feel OSGeo can afford a good system administrator at market rates,
even part time.  If we were paying market rates I think it would take some
serious cost benefit analysis to determine if the Trac upgrade would be
a worthwhile investment of money.

Nevertheless, I do keep an eye out for possible system administration services
we could contract for at below international market rates to do some tasks
that are now generally left undone, even if we couldn't get the "fire and
forget" caliber of admin it would be nice to have.

I'd add that at this time SAC's budget is rather modest, and focused on
paying our Peer1 hosting costs, and the planned acquisition of some modest
additional hardware.

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