Jorge Sanz:

Dear OSGeo community and charter members

This is a reminder that there's still some days for nominations to the
Board of Directors elections. We have already nine great candidates,
including all the present Board members running for re-election. Take
a look at [1] for an overview of the nominations and support
expressions. Maybe there's a candidate that is worth your support or
someone special that you think should run to join our Board?

The other point of this email is to follow up with Gert-Jan
proposal[2] to put a week between the nominations period and the
actual voting to let candidates to express their intentions for their

I'm inclined to accept it because I think is a good idea and no one
has opposed but also because next week I'll be out of the office for
the GEOSTAT course first here in Spain (20/21) and SoTM in Brussels
(22/26) later and I'll be pretty busy.

What do you think? Looking forward for your opinions.

In my humble view, both as an OSGeo charter member and GRASS-GIS' CRO (recently 
experienced the
role for the new PSC election), I can only recommend to allow or even ask, in
some way, all candidates to support their candidacy publicly.

For the next GRASS-GIS' PSC election, I support what came out of a related
thread, in a post by Micha Silver (see

request (which, I know, is rather a bit strict) candidates to feedback the 
community by answering to
the very question (slightly altered)

"What should the community expect from my membership?"

Kindest regards, Nikos

All the best
CRO 2016

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