Thanks for the feedback Rahul,

Would you mind adding your comment into the text of the document (It is easier for me to collate comments, and also allows other reviewers to see your comments).

I've provided you with review access:

On 5/3/18 2:36 pm, Rahul Soshte wrote:
Hi Cameron,

A suggestion would be be to add the point of process of making of the Laws of a country(Editing the book of rules of Law governing the country) collaborative.By that way the Laws would be consistently and approriate to the changing times.For example in India,some laws made before independence by the British are still prevalent today and I presume the same has happened with any other country which was under foreign rule for a long time.So a collaborative law making process would be more better than a limited set of contributors chosen by the government  themselves.

Rahul Soshte

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 2:57 AM, Cameron Shorter < <>> wrote:


    Thanks to those of you who have reviewed the response to the
    proposed Open Government National Action Plan. And I know a number
    of you are planning to add more feedback this week. (In a
    nutshell: The response explains Open Government needs to learn how
    to collaborate as effectively as Open Source communities, and what
    government needs to change to make this happen).

    OSIA folks and Linux Australia Council, I'm formally requesting
    that this letter be presented jointly by Open Source Industry
    Australia (OSIA) and Linux Australia. What is involved in getting
    this permission?

    A status update:

    * The Linux Journal has offered to publish a piece on this. I'll
    be reaching out to other publications in the next couple of weeks
    to invite them to publish too. (Suggestions of publications welcomed).

    * I've incorporated most changes suggested so far. I've had a
    couple of people suggest a better introduction / exec summary -
    which I'll be working on.

    * I'm hoping to collate all preliminary feedback within the next 2
    weeks (by ~ 16 March).

    * Deadline for delivery of our response is 30 March.

    Document is here:

    Warm regards, Cameron

    On 27/2/18 8:52 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:

        The Australian Government has asked for feedback on how they
        are going at Open Government, and I've started a draft
        response. I'm really keen to make sure that this response is
        well constructed because I think that if listened to,
        understood, and acted upon, then we can make a huge difference
        to the effectiveness of Open Government worldwide - and by
        extension, to Open Source as well.

        If you have a chance to read and provide review comments, I'd
        be very grateful. Email me directly to get review access.

        (It will take ~ 10 minutes to read. Longer if you take time to
        think about how things should be reworded and consider what is
        missing and should be included.)


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