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> > Thank you, that's really helpful to know. I wonder if this "mailing list"

> > behavior could be set as a default for the migrated users.


I think by default new users, get emails of categories they watch unless they 
turn them off.


You could, setup a group for your mailing list, and invite everyone that was on 
your mailman to join that group so as soon as they register/login for first time

, they are automatically added to the group.


In the group admin settings, you can set this as default for new users of the 

So by setting the group, to watch the category (your mailing list), you 
essentially force a mailing list behavior.

I think I mentioned before, but just in case, when you set up a category, you 
can set it to allow anyone with an account or only allow people in a group to 
be able to 

Post topics and reply to topics.  So that would emulate the current mailman 
behavior of only mailing list members can post to a mailing list.



> I also wonder if the "mailing list behaviour" is good enough, but this we can 
> tell

> by testing it, so I suggest all users interested in such a migration to test 
> the

> current "categories" (equivalent of "mailing list" in Discourse terms) and 
> see if

> they are able to create a new thread by email, for example.


> --strk;


I think the only real lists we have are the QGIS-fr-user, General, OSGeo Site 
Feedback, and OSGeoLive-docs


The rest are mailman mirrors only so regular users wouldn't be able to post to 

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