I find myself increasingly using spotify to play music which I have on
my hard drive, because spotify search is so much better than LMS. 

In spotify I can type

> cortot Chopin 58 allegro 

and I get what I'm looking for - Cortot playing the allegro of Chopin op

But in LMS, what a palaver! First I have to do > Cortot and then search all the 
results, manually,  it is not easy. I have a
big music collection . . . 

Things are better if I use advanced search in the logitech's interface
to the media server, because I can simultaneously search artist and
track. And of course I can access this via a tablet, but the interface
is hardly satisfactory. But via all the apps for tablets, it's a
nightmare. I expect there's a good technical reason for that . . .

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