Apple just released iOS 10, and your favorite penguin hasn’t been lazy
but made iPeng ready for the new operating system.

Unfortunately, iOS 10’s most prominent feature – Siri voice control
support for apps – is not available for music apps yet. But since under
iOS 10 widgets have become much more powerful, our iPeng 9.2 update
includes some decisive improvements  considering their usability.


First of all widgets have a new look in iOS 10, and being able to switch
between a large and a small version of a widget – a feature iPeng’s
widget has offered from the beginning – has now become a system feature.
Widgets can also take up a bit more space on the screen, allowing us to
improve their legibility.

But iOS 10 also makes widgets available in a lot more places and
situations: in the search screen, for instance,  and as a quick action
on your home screen (if you force-touch the icon; iPhone 6s and newer

In both cases, the “compact” widget style is being used by default, so
besides adapting the design, we decided to make the most important
commands –  play/pause, skip and volume – available directly from the
compact window as well. This way you no longer need to start the app to
start or stop playback, just do it right from the app’s icon.


Under iOS 10 the widget now also supports Dynamic Type, an iOS feature
that lets you define the text size on your device. This helps to further
improve the accessibility of the app.


As another novelty iPeng now supports Apple’s remote control commands.
If iPeng has been the last audio app you have used, you will be able to
control it through the iOS control center (or remote control accessories
such as docks).

Now generally this has been possible with iPeng for a long time, but
with iOS 10 the support of the remote control interface has become much
more powerful and reliable: It will now even launch iPeng’s playback
feature if it has been stopped in the background, so if you just want to
continue playing, here’s another case where you don’t even have to open
the app at all.

Learn more at
Or get in on the App Store at

Have fun!


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