While my many years ago promised Opera plugin to control LMS went
nowhere, I still have lots of fun with SqueezeBox' LMS API. 
The openness is probably the reason why I want to stick with SB as long
as possible.

Some of my more noticeable home-brew projects have been:

1) A Opera browser (12 Presto and 19-upwards) plugin that shows artwork
and title or artist of the currently playing song in a Speed Dial entry.
A click opens LMS on the selected player.  I have been using this plugin
myself for years, but I have not released it on Opera's add-in store, as
it will require tons of finishing touches. Password protected servers
and mysqueezebox.com are not supported. Of course I am willing to upload
it somewhere if someone's interested. As it has not been released on
Opera's Add-on store, it requires enabling Opera's Developer mode, that
would be a security risk. Also note that as long as Opera is running, it
is polling LMS every X seconds (configurable from 5 to 60 seconds), I do
not expect WebSocket support is on the LMS roadmap ;) It can be
configured to stop polling after X unsuccessful tries however. Again it
was mostly made for my personal enjoyment, but if there's interest I'd
be willing to work on it.

2) I bought a new Logitech keyboard (at least they still make those ;) )
with neat media keys. Still I hardly play music on my desktop PC, I
wanted to control LMS with these keys. Unfortunately Logitech's SetPoint
utility's UI does not let me re-assign the Media Keys. With a bit of
research I found out that you can edit a XML file manually to add
functions to almost any key, including the Media Keys. 

I'm a developer, so I created a native Win32 program that simply
connects to LMS' TelNet interface (the compiler I used did not have
built-in support for JSON, so I chose the TelNet interface) and sends
parameter-driven commands to LMS. Now I can rewind, play/pause, forward,
mute/unmute and volume up/down with a press of a button. I have been
using this for a week now, on a Windows 10 desktop PC, and it seems to
work remarkably well. I hope Logitech will not introduce major new
versions of SetPoint for a long time ;)

Are there other people that have been playing with the various
SqueezeBox-related APIs and created some noticeable home-brew projects
that you wouldn't want to miss? :)

Squeezeboxes: Touch (on Yamaha AVR667) + Radio connected to LMS 7.7 (Mac
mini running MacOS X 10.7) . Plugins used: Spotify and LastFM
SquuezePlayer and Orange Squeeze user on HTC Desire Z (Android 2.3)
phone and Asus TF300 (Android 4.1) tablet
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