I want to change to my system to make it faster to load the LMS after a
restart. At the moment it can take as long as half an hour, sometimes
faster, rarely slower. What would be the most effective changes I could

Try to figure out what is slowing it down before taking any action :-).

Did you check the server.log for obvious errors or the like? Did you check task manager to see what the process is doing all this time? Is it CPU bound? I/O?

The server runs on a Lenovo desktop running Windows 10. The processor is
an AMD E350, 2 core, 4Gb RAM.

No race horse. But did you up the memory usage in Settings/Advanced/Performance. Go to the max.

The music is stored on a Samsung external hard drive, there are 88,000
tracks, mostly FLAC files, about 2.5TB.

How is this disk connected? USB2? USB3? eSATA?

Where does your cache live?


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