Fizbin wrote: 
> I'm aware of that. I ran LMS on a super slow Dual Pentium just fine, but
> even that had 8GB. I can't imagine what that PC would have been like on
> 4. If the OP wants a faster LMS, I think a faster PC would be the first
> (and easiest) approach. LMS on my i5 is faster...not a by a mile but
> it's faster.
> One other suggestion I can make to the OP... Run Malwarebytes and then
> delete all the bloatware on your PC. (Go to add/remove and kill anything
> you're not using...don't touch anything that says Intel or Microsoft)
> Check your task manager and do a google search for each task that is
> running to see if it should be running. Also make sure you have lots of
> headroom on your HD. Oh yeah, and increase the RAM.

I don't understand how people could write something like that. At the
first point, one of the biggest advantages of win8 was the mach lesser
RAM-consumtion. Win10 runs smoove on my Atom-tablet with just 2 GB RAM.

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