I would like to agree with the OP. The LMS web interface is usable but
hopelessly outdated. I use Plex and LMS. I have been using LMS for more
than 10 years and have three servers running both for safety and

I recently tried to get a fellow audiophile to use LMS and Picoreplayer
and he was very turned off by the outdated LMS interface and perceived
complexity in setting up LMS. I mentioned Ipeng, etc. but he was already
fed up. He much prefers the MPD based players using RPi and really likes
RUNE Audio (not Roon) which is by default able to connect directly to
his SMB (Samba) based NAS share. So with RUNE Audio he downloads the
image and burns to a microSD and plugs it into his RPi and he points it
towards his SMB NAS share and he is done. LMS can't compete with this
scenario! He says it can scan 1 tb of music in 5 minutes which if true
is much faster than LMS. It take LMS close to an hour to scan my 2.5 tb
music collection.

I am very active using Picoreplayer project as well as my existing Touch
and SB3 players but I am very concerned for the fate of LMS if no way
can be found to bring it's technology and interface up to modern


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