My first Squeezy was an SB3/Classic, closely followed by a Boom. 
Migrated to an early Touch and a couple of Radios and decided to get "a
collection", purely for sentimental reasons.  Scored an early SlimP3 and
a silver SB2 off eBay and everything worked.  The SlimP3 looks way cool
from an elemental-technology perspective but, sadly, couldn't keep up
from a SQ perspective, so it now sits in a cupboard, alongside the
Classic and Boom.  May have to dig it out again and plonk it on the
bookshelf next to my other unused audio jewelry.  Never managed to find
a Transporter at a decent price unfortunately, but I think the 3 x
synced SBTs I have are more than up to the job.

-Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it ...-
Server = iMac Sierra -> Bootcamp 6.0 ->  W10 (dBpoweramp ripping /
MediaMonkey management)
Router = Huawei B593 4G + repeaters
Lounge = SBT -> Devialet D200 -> Dynaudio Contour 1.8 MkII
Covered terrace = SBT -> AudioEngine A5+
Study = SBT -> NAD D3020 -> Epos K1
Kitchen + bedroom = SB Radio
Garage = SB2 -> Rotel RA820BX2 -> MA252
Storage = SB Boom + SB3 + SlimP3 
iOS control = iPeng / SqueezePad; Android = SqueezeCommander;
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