Mnyb wrote: 
> Or use a switch ? That conects both NAS and the reciever to your network
> ?
> How else is LMS on the NAS suposed to see the rest of the network ?
> As you want to use net::udap you set up a reciever without the controler
> .
> The controller can do an ad-hoc connection directly to the reciever with
> some loss to n performance.
> But if you expect to use a smartphone or tablet or the web-UI
> NAS/LMS/reciever must be on the rest of the network that everything's
> else conects to ?

It seems my plan has failed, i knew that router will create some noise
and i want to eliminate it, but, than I can't just use SB - NAS
connection via crossover cable, I still need wireless AP to be connected
via my phone. 

What really impress me is that I have compared upgraded SB duet vs some
expensive network players and SB blows them away. So far today I
couldn't find better player.

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