celo wrote: 
> Thanks Gary.
> Let me ask this. Last night my wife and I did a blind test running the
> SBT via power bank and stock AC adapter. 
> Both times we liked the AC adapter better. Everything was more open and
> real sounding vs. the battery power. Then I thought, maybe an AC adapter
> update would make things better. Such as Sbooster or something similar.
> What do you think about that? Thanks.

You're asking the wrong person. I believe in science and engineering and
facts.  things like Sbooster are audiophool nonsense. the only thing
they do better is separate you from your money. There's all kinds of
technical reasons that a linear power supply won't improve the Touch,
and there are hundreds of posts on some old threads here on that. But
short answer is:  use the Touch with the supplied AC power brick and
enjoy the music!

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