pippin wrote: 
> Hm... while I actually agree on the Sbooster and for the life of me I
> would not let that device near any of my power outlets (having once seen
> the interior of one, that device was seriously dangerous)... and no, I
> also don’t believe linear power supplies improve anything ...
> But the power supply that comes with the Touch also can suck big time.
> I replaced two of them (against stock switching power supplies) because
> they were too noisy.
> Not in the sense that that have a noisy power output or something but
> LITERALLY noisy. They wheeze. I could still hear them two rooms away.

interesting. I haven't heard any noise from the two Touch power supplies
I use.  But I can certainly see how that would be annoying.  I suspect
these touch power supplies are all sourced from different manufacturers,
so who knows....

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