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> Thanks to John Darko
> (
> I've started a 60-days free trial of Roon, and even taken the plunge to
> let it temporarily take control over my various squeeze-instances. I
> last tried this in the early stages, and without having access to a
> Tidal account. Here are some findings on the current state of things to
> me:
> >   >   > 
  - Somehow it plays louder than LMS. I switched over without touching
  > anything in the rest of the setup, and I had to lower the volume by
  > 10dB as indicated on the display of my amp to maintain the same
  > perceived volume :confused:
  - Scanning the local collection sure takes up a lot of time and
  > resources: I've dedicated 1 core of my i5 5300U CPU to it and after
  > ±12 it's still only about halfway through my 120K wel-tagged tracks
  > and it's using up around 1.5GB of RAM :eek:
  - With Tidal in the mix, "Radio" seems to work much better than it
  > used to, actually giving a diverse but coherent mix of songs. I'll
  > try it out later with Tidal disconnected just to be certain. It does
  > use tracks from the local collection as well as it is.
  > > > Is that volume difference related to Replaygain?

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