OK Paul.. 

fresh install, Squeezelite is running, wifi connected.
[Squeezelite settings]
"Do this First: Select Audio output, then press [ Save ]"
select Bluetooth Audio, Save 
"Squeezelite is NOT running"


Bluetooth Speaker Setup
BT Controller is Off   less>
✔ = BT Controller Power is on.
✘ = BT Controller Power is off.
Controller address
If the controller power remains off.
If using Rpi internal bluetooth, make sure controller is enabled on
the Wifi Page
Check kernel messages in diagnostics dmesg
Connect Daemon is not running   less>
✔ = Connect Daemon is running.
✘ = Connect Daemon is not running.
BT Device is Not Connected   less>
✔ = Device is connected.
✘ = Device is not connected.

How do I... turn on BT controller, start daemon, connect device...?
can't find in the interface
Do I need to load bluez, bluez-alsa...?

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