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dmesg reports:
[    2.685704] usb 1-1.3: Product: CSR8510 A10

Bluetooth v4.0 Specification
Fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 specification system
Support for Bluetooth v3.0 only available with CSR8510A10
Dual-mode Bluetooth /Bluetooth low energy
Draft Bluetooth low energy HID boot mode support
Full-speed Bluetooth operation with full piconet and scatternet support
Integrated balun
No external regulators required for USB supply operation
Full- speed USB 2.0 interface
WLAN coexistence interface
Green (RoHS compliant and no antimony or halogenated flame retardants)
Design optimised for low-cost PCB manufacture
General Description
BlueCore CSR8510 A10 WLSCP is a product from CSR's Connectivity Centre.
It is a single-chip
radio and baseband IC for Bluetooth 2.4 GHz systems including EDR to 3
Dedicated signal and baseband processing is included for full Bluetooth
CSR designed CSR8510 WLCSP to reduce PCB area and the number of external
components ,
including no requirement for an external balun. This ensures that
production costs are minimised.
PC notebooks , netbooks and desktops
TV set-top boxes
USB Bluetooth dongles
Bluetooth designs requiring the USB interface and an HCI interface
Bluetooth low energy
Device Details
Bluetooth low energy
Dual-mode Bluetooth low energy radio
Support for Bluetooth basic rate/EDR and low energy connections
3 Bluetooth low energy connections at the same time as basic rate A2DP

It looks ok with HCI, if I'm not wrong..

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