atrocity wrote: 
> I've had at least two of the better known brands (Samsung, SanDisk) fail
> on me. When I looked around for allegedly more reliable ones, I found
> Transcend High Endurance and have used nothing else for years now. Not a
> single one has failed.
> Of course this is ONE person's experience and it's possible I was just
> unlucky with the other cards followed by getting lucky with the
> Transcend. But at this point the price difference is sufficiently
> uninteresting to make me want to stick with alleged high-endurance
> cards. They're often sold as being suitable for dashcams as they
> allegedly stand up better to repeated rewrites.
> I also usually go no lower than 32GB on the assumption that extra space
> means fewer writes over the same sectors...but I could be laughably
> wrong about that.

Noted. If it fails again I will buy a Transcend High Endurance card.

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