Lestrad wrote: 
> I was happy to see people were still using this and I've been trying to
> get it work. So far I've had no luck though I followed Fizbin's
> excellent instructions carefully. All I've managed to get it to do is
> zero out the playlist that was on LMS.
> My LMS is running on a Wandboard (wired network) and Foobar 2000 runs on
> my desktop computer. Could that be the problem? I filled in the IP of
> LMS and the MAC of my Touch before compiling FooSQ. 
> Any tips on getting this solution, or another one for controlling LMS
> via Foobar, to work would be greatly appreciated.
> Les

Try changing the IP address in the AutoIt script from your local PC
address ($m_ip = "") to the IP address of your Wandboard.

If it's configured via DHCP, your Wanboard will need a fixed IP address.

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